zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

All things Sweet

Victoria bought lots off sweet things for baby Rose nursery, first ofcourse a little bed, it is from a tutorial from Lea`s lovely book, she also has a beautiful Blog. it is soooo inspiring :) and a dresser.

She made a cape for her , winter is coming .

The dresser is filled with every thing a baby needs.

Victoria stiched a lovely pillow with tiny roses.

And lots off dolls and bears Victoria used to play with when she was a little girl.

For baby`s first birthday Victoria made this little dress out of old french lace.

zondag 7 oktober 2012

Victoria and Baby Rose

Hello everyone, first a warm welcome to all my new followers, thank you so much for visiting my Blog :)

Here you see Victoria with her babygirl little Rose, they are on the way to their new home.
Today the bedroom is ready for inspection and Victoria is very curious about it, because she can't wait to move in her new house.

This is how the bedroom looked before..........

Hope she likes it :)

There is still an old bed  left in the house, what a nice suprice.

Somebody did already some decoration, wonder who that was...........??