zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Give Away Prize from Maria of Pretty Things Ireland

The prize from Maria arrived today, and she sends me much more lovely surprises :)
Everything is soooo sweet and pretty, and also wrapped with care.

Wonderful bedding and a beautiful card from Dublin !
Her lovely foot stool, roses and a tiny little bear in a silver box , soooo cute !
And lots off little surprises !!

Thank you so much Maria, I love all of your gifts :)
If you haven't seen Maria's Blog, please check it out now, she makes wonderful miniatures !!
A great Sunday with lots off sunshine to all my friends, take care.

Hugs Mieke xxx

zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Precious Swap with Jennifer from Pluschpussycat

Hello together, a little while ago Jennifer asked me to do a swap with her.
She asked " What do you think, does it sound fun ?? ", and it was great fun :)

Look what she sends , she really spoiled me, all her gifts are soooo sweet and lovely.
Every thing is so precious and thoughtful.
She knows exactly what I like.

I'm so glad  I had the opportunity to meet her, and sooo proud to be her friend :)
Her Blog is always full off action and fun, if you don't know here by now I suggest 
you visit her as soon as possible, you'll be delighted :)

Thank you Jennifer, thank you sooo much, I love everything !!!!!!!!!!

For every one a great Sunday and a good week !!!

Hugs Mieke xxx

        This lovely music box, made from a Victorian scrap picture

Her beautiful selfmade corset, parasol and perfume bottles on trays


  A romantic box for the sewingroom, soooo sweet

                         A valentine box with lots of vintage valentine cards

                       Look at the tiny cups and saucer, all with little roses

                                        Lovely stickers and some sweet lace

                                  And one off her famous cards, I love them !!!